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About Us


At Pro Paint Solutions, we are commercial painting experts. We provide a full line of painting services helping clients protect their valuable assets. Our services revitalize properties and preserve them for years to come. We understand complex projects and demanding work environments and meet those demands with comprehensive solutions and a commitment to bring you the ultimate value for your project.   


If you are a new client, our goal is to surprise you with our service and dedication. We make the painting process smooth and efficient, delivering top-quality value in all aspects of the project. 
Repeat business is our livelihood. We value long-term partnerships and want to be the solution for any needed services we offer.
Our partners know, without a doubt, that they can count on us to deliver quality products professionally and efficiently. We will make every effort to conduct a low-impact, expertly coordinated service to both our customers, their tenants, and all trade partners involved.


Most of our customers are real estate professionals, property owners, building tenants, and contractors. 
We understand they have busy lives and a heavy workload. Painting projects are not an everyday occurrence for them and can cause a stressful or time-consuming distraction. That is where Pro Paint Solutions will make the difference. We strive to make all painting projects, no matter the size or scope, a hassle-free low-stress process.
Our number one goal is to partner with you and own the responsibility to ensure the project runs smoothly and is executed with as little impact as possible.   

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